The Opportunity

Putting Energy into Your Business

Business Owners

We understand that every business is different. We offer:

  • The opportunity exists for existing and new businesses to take advantage of Government backed subsidies and private finance to reduce energy costs, increase business efficiency, and improve cash flow and long-term resilience
  • Advice to understand the business case for investing in sustainable energy, growing your business and business assets
  • Support for the accreditation of business activities with respect to environmental performance

Private sector land and property owners

As private sector land and property owners you will be aware of the impact energy prices on your business and your tenants. Encompassing renewable energy technology offers the opportunity to review your cost base and access to grants.  This offers the opportunity to:

  • Reduce energy and asset revenue costs
  • Earn an additional income from your assets
  • Increase rental incomes
  • Enhance capital values
  • Support your tenants
  • Enhance the offer to tenants
  • Help meet EPC, industrial and commercial energy performance standards

Public sector, charities and social enterprises

We support local authorities, registered housing providers and NHS Trusts:

  • review and advise on asset strategies and asset management plans
  • improve asset utilisation and value with the introduction of renewable energy technology
  • enhance capital asset values
  • reduce revenue costs
  • deliver key corporate sustainability objectives
  • secure community benefits
  • support local renewable energy production

Energy producers, investors and developers

We offer a unique opportunity:

  • as development partners for local facilitation for energy developers and investors
  • as development partners for energy portfolio development