What we do

Our primary objective is:

To add value and create capital investment and additional incomes by providing independent professional advice on land and property and the use of renewable energy resources within existing and new businesses and property portfolios.

Our primary focus is to:

  1. Maximise the value of clients land and buildings
  2. Provide independent professional advice on land and property development
  3. Represent land and property owners seeking renewable energy development
  4. Securing energy developers  and investors for projects
  5. Creating portfolios of land and building renewable energy projects
  6. Support our clients as development partners and managers

To do this we:

  • Provide a single point of contact for our clients.
  • Assess the opportunities available on land and property portfolios.
  • Analyse development and investment opportunities.
  • Focus on business strategy best practice and emphasise renewable energy.
  • Bring new technologies and investment into the management of assets.
  • Support the opportunity for business diversification.
  • Optimise commercial returns by creating capital investment and additional income streams.
  • Establish, source and agree financial investment for renewable energy projects


We take an objective approach to the mix of energy technologies spanning a diverse range of renewable technologies including:

  • Renewable Electricity – Solar PV, wind, hydro, biomass (wood fuel and anaerobic digestion)
  • Renewable Heat – Solar thermal, ground source and air source heat pumps